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For love of baking

Thierry Roca, a fourth generation master baker from France, is an expert in commercial bakeries. After setting up bread lines for 19 bakeries, Thierry was recruited to come to Canada, where he set up and ran the bread production for two major Canadian industrial bakeries.

After years spent creating success in commercial bakeries, Thierry was ready to start his own business, which is when he started working with Chantal Arbour. Chantal is a specialized dessert baker with many years of experience in creating delectable eclairs, cream puffs, and cakes in an industrial bakery. Her bakery creations are second to none, and her dedication, passion, and creativity made her a perfect fit with the team.

It quickly became apparent this power team could accomplish anything together.

For love of baking

Thierry Roca, General Manager and Vice President of Operations: passionate baker, founder and force of nature. Chantal Arbour, Director of Desserts division: passionate baker, and brilliant desert guru.

The Mad Bakers begins

In 2011, Thierry purchased a bakery called Dessert & Passion in Joliette, Quebec as a starting point to launch the bakery they envisioned. Turning dreams into reality, he set up a state-of-the-art bread line and custom volcanic stone oven, as well as a line for brioche, eclairs and puffs. He also formalized a partnership with Marc Gosselin of Foodelice, a former colleague and highly successful sales agent.

This team, bound by their love of baking, creativity and drive, shared a vision of delivering exceptional quality, nut-free, artisan bread, brioche, eclairs and puffs.

We bake, you enjoy

The team's passion for baking and creativity set the tone for the whole bakery. In the first 5 years, the bakery entered markets in Canada and the USA, and proved that the bakery's vision and quality resonated with consumers. Demand for the bread grew quickly, as it was baked with wholesome ingredients in a lengthy process which gave it high moisture content, a wonderful honey comb core and amazing flavor. And the deserts were the delightful, with mini eclairs and cream puffs designed to tempt and delight.

Now and the future

Rising and expanding

After five years of growth, the team forged a partnership with Marc-Andre Pouliot to provide additional resources to accelerate their growth. In 2016, Marc-Andre joined the team as President, and the fit was excellent. In addition to a passion for this business and a love of bread and desserts, Marc-Andre brings his management experience in food services and capital markets to the team. Additionally, Tom Kaneb joined the company as Board Chair, bringing a wealth of experience guiding management teams in various industries.

"The single most special thing about The Mad Bakers is the team," says Marc-Andre Pouliot, President. "The level of creativity, knowledge and experience allows us to create new products and enter new markets, while staying true to the quality and taste that sets us apart. To better reflect the company's culture, we rebranded the company's name to The Mad Bakers, creating a marketing presence and packaging worthy of the amazing quality and flavor of the baked goods.”

The team's passion for baking and creativity set the tone for the whole bakery.

Keeping the fire burning

The excitement at the bakery is palpable, as The Mad Bakers is on its way to becoming a premier artisanal bakery in North America. When you walk in the door you can smell the bread coming out of the oven and feel the passion of the bakers. The driving forces behind the team's vision are in evidence everywhere, with new bread and desert creations being tested and tasted, technological advances being planned and implemented, and a level of passion that continues to grow.